Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Sam's Unique RC Lawn Mower


A remotely controlled lawn mower is practically a self-driven machine designed not only to mow the lawn but also to save lives and to prevent possible injuries to the operator.

A man from Brunswick Heads, NSW Australia lost his life while mowing the lawn and a woman from Tamworth, NSW Australia lost both of her lower limbs while mowing the lawn too. These kinds of incident's will be with us until lawn mower manufacturer's come up with a solution that is to provide dual control to existing lawn mowers.

To make a dual control lawn mower by using existing technology is a very costly business, creating an unaffordable product for consumers. The fact is that there is a new economically-viable technology to enable a lawn mower manufacturer to produce a dual-control lawn mower at a very low cost, only if it's powered by Sam's UNIQUE drive designed to out perform DC electric motors and hydro-static drive. As a contributor, I myself could speed up the production of dual-control lawn mowers, potential snow blowers etc. 

Sam's mower provides 32" cut and weighs about 270lbs with variable speed and it can handle the toughest of terrains. 

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